Reading Group Discussion Questions

1. How did you feel about Barbara’s long term commitment to her difficult marriage? Did Bill have any redeeming qualities? Did you think she stayed for the money? Why or why not?

2. How did you feel about Barbara’s method of informing the children of her decision to join the Peace Corps? Their reactions? Which one of the children could you most identify with? Did you think Barbara viewed her children through rose colored glasses or with unconditional love and acceptance? Why?

3. How did you feel about her immediate affinity with her Peace Corps friends? Could you imagine yourself making new friends as quickly as Ethel, Alvira and Barbara bonded? What about their major age and background differences?

4. What was your first impression of Dr. Mike? Did you change your mind about him, and if so, when?

5. Which one of the mountain villagers did you find the most interesting? Why?

6. In what ways would the family dynamics have been much different if the family had not been wealthy? Was the presence of the grandparents worthwhile in the story line? Why?

7. Do you think Barbara’s decision to join the Peace Corps was a catalyst to changes in her children’s lives?

8. Did you feel at any time that Barbara was running away from her responsibilities when she left for the Peace Corps? Why?

9. What did you think about Barbara’s reaction to events while she was in Honduras?

10. What were the various instances of healing that took place in Honduras? Did Barbara also experience healing?