*Excerpt from Mother Love: Page 100, as Barbara's becoming acclimated to the Peace Corps mountain clinic in Honduras by veteran Peace Corps worker, Anita...

"There is a method of organization in what at first  appears to be total chaos, just wait. You'll see; it really does come together," Anita assured Barbara. Anita's voice changed to a lower more serious tone as she warned Barbara. "Dr. Kane's a moody old man. He's mostly gruff and testy with Peace Corps  volunteers. I guess he was a Peace Corps volunteer himself back in the sixties. Then a few years ago after he retired in the States, he worked out an agreement with the Peace Corps administration to provide contractual medical services to this region. He lives somewhere near these mountains. He's quite a character but a very competent doctor. The Hondurans love him and he's fluent in Spanish. You seem like a sensitive and nice lady, just don't take any of his bullshit  personally. Okay?"

"Thanks for the warning, Anita, I won't let him get to me, I promise," Barbara replied. Remembering the years of insults and put downs from Bill , she thought,
"Yeah, I can handle a grumpy old doctor once a month, no problem!"

"Well don't say I didn't warn you..." Anita was interrupted sounds of an approaching ...army? That's what it sounded like while in reality Barbara soon realized it was only Dr. Kane's SUV approaching.

Pablo, the day guard, quickly opened the compound gate  and saluted Dr. Kane, who returned the salute. He stopped the jeep with jerk on the far side of the clinic. A well dressed and equally well armed security guard jumped out of the passenger side and quickly circled the jeep to open the driver's door. Out stepped a giant of a man, wearing wrinkled khaki slacks, a short sleeved brown camouflage shirt and thick soled sandals. A faded NY Yankees cap covered his long gray hair, which was pulled back in a ponytail. His face had a full beard and mustache. The security guard saluted and the giant saluted back.

The waiting villagers suddenly stood quietly in awe, as if God himself had appeared.

When Gabriella heard him, she ran out to greet him, shouting, "Bienvenido, Dr. Kane."

"Oh look at you my little Gabriella!" The animated giant picked the young girl up and swung her around. "Have you been a good girl? Learning how to be a good nurse, Gabriella?"

 "Si, Doctor, I will help new Nurse Barbara teach the  village madres first aid," she told him proudly.

"You don't say. Well, you better get  back to work now. I have to go see the PCV's now. Adios, Gabriela. With that the giant turned to come inside the clinic.

Barbara quietly asked Anita, "What's a PCV?"

Anita whispered just before he entered the room. "We are!"

Anita refused the salute routine that Dr. Kane craved. She had told him bluntly from her first day, "Sir, I am not military. I do not salute." Today she simply said, "Good  morning , Dr. Kane. You appear to be in good form this morning. Doctor this  is Barbara Malone, she's the new volunteer for the clinic. I'll be leaving this, week end. It's been fun, Doc."

Dr. Kane said "Hi" to Anita and then ignored her. She shrugged her shoulders and went back to work.

Barbara walked across the room to the doctor and extended her hand. "Hello Dr. Kane, it's nice to meet you."

He ignored her hand, quickly looked at her and then shouted to Anita. "Good God, they're sending AARP member down now. Holy shit!  What next?"

"Sorry Doc, I'm busy. Gabriella has your list of patients for today." Anita shouted back to him.

AS he turned to walk away, Barbara said in a firm clear voice, "Excuse me , Doctor, but you look like you're only about one foot outa the grave yourself, so what's the big deal if I'm not a young chick? I'm a damn good nurse and that's why I'm here."

He stopped cold; Barbara suddenly didn't feel quite so bold. He slowly turned around and she felt like his dark eyes stared into her soul. She stood her ground and stared right back at him.

Then he smiled and extended his hand. "Pleased to meet you, Barbara, I'm Mike Kane. You're a feisty one, aren't you?"

Barbara shook his hand briefly and answered  his question. "Only when I have to be. I must get back to work now." She turned and walked away.

Dr. Mike Kane didn't know quite what hit him.

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