Runaway Grandma Reviews

Runaway Grandma is a well written and interesting book about a woman who decides to start her life anew at 70. Olivia is a widowed retired teacher, whose adult children have no interest in her as a person, but only rather for her financial assets. Tired of being ignored, demeaned, and used, Olivia fakes her suicide and takes off for parts unknown. This is a story filled with memorable characters, laughter and tears.

      John Weaver,

Something many elders fear as they age --
that their children will begin to take advantage of them for their money before they buy the proverbial farm. "Runaway Grandma" is one grandmother's way of dealing with it -- by faking her own death and seeking a new life elsewhere. She attempts to settle in another state entirely, but the past has a habit of sneaking up on people causing trouble as the past typically does. "Runaway Grandma" is highly recommended to any elderly reader who may be experiencing the same problems as the titular grandmother in this book, and for community library fiction collections.

     James A. Cox , Midwest Book Review

Ann McCauley’s new novel Runaway Grandma will make you laugh and it will make you cry. One thing is certain - you will not be able to put it down. Widowed Olivia Hampton tries to escape from the demands of her scheming children and find some well-deserved freedom, but life has a funny way of refusing to let her be. If you’ve ever wanted to run away yourself, escape into the pages of Runaway Grandma. This novel’s memorable characters, witty dialogue and unexpected plot twists will make you glad you did.

     Linda Underhill, author of The Unequal Hours

Fearful that her adult children intend to take control of her life and finances, Olivia Hampton takes drastic measures to insure that she is the one in charge of her own destiny. Ann McCauley’s Runaway Grandma is the story of Olivia’s journey with its highs and lows and how her decision impacts the lives of others, both the family and friends she left behind as well as her new friends. You can not help but be drawn into the story of this warm, brave woman who makes a brand new life for herself at the age of seventy.

     Karen J. Gause, Librarian 

Olivia feels that her son will try to have her declared incompetent and take control of her assets, so she carefully devises a plan to disappear. She ends up living in a different part of the country where she meets an older gentleman and they become great friends. This book reveals an unusual solution to a family problem. I highly recommend Runaway Grandma.  RATING: 4 Flames-*Rare Find*

     Wilma Frana, Reviewer for 

Everyone comes to a place where the looming question of what to do next confronts us. Olivia Hampton, faced this dilemma when she believed her children were going to have her declared incompetent and she would lose her freedom. Instead of risking this possibility, she faked her own death, left everything behind and found a new life. The novel brings out some important truths the least not being that if life doesn’t turn out the way we plan, plan something else.

     Patti Lawson, author of The Dog Diet, A Memoir

Disillusioned with her grown children, Olivia Hampton fakes her death, changes her name and sets out to start a new life—at age seventy! But has she made the right decision? Runaway Grandma is a tender tale about friendships, regrets—and ultimately, hope. Once again, Ann McCauley has penned an insightful, thought provoking glimpse into relationships.

     Lauren Nichols, author of seven romance novels