Imagine you’re strolling along a familiar street in your home town, minding your own business. Suddenly, a sense of nostalgia overtakes you. It’s almost as though the houses start shouting their stories out as you meander by.  Distant echoes call out to you, “Remember, remember!”

Every house has a story, the one pivotal incident that becomes the memory. Recalling things that may have been best left forgotten. I don’t want you to think only bad things happened on Willow Lane. Quite the contrary, good things happen here everyday. Yet, somehow the bad stuff is easier to recall. For such a nice quiet place, Willow Lane has had its share of trouble. I want to make it clear this is not gossip.  These are well documented facts.

Besides, I knew all these families and felt their pain and joy as they worked their way through their troubles. Each of these families left a legacy on the houses they once lived in, just as we all inadvertently do.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your journey down Willow Lane.